Wisconsin State AFL-CIO 32nd Biennial Convention

Monday & Tuesday, September 19 & 20, 2022

Madison Concourse Hotel & Governor's ClubMadison, Wisconsin


Tuesday, September 20, 2022 05:25pm

Towards a Better Wisconsin

Thank You Brothers and Sisters

That brings us to the end of the 2022 Wisconsin AFL-CIO Convention! Thank you to the Madison Concourse Hotel, the union workers who ran every aspect of the show, to the vendors, the sponsors and the guest speakers who traveled to Madison for these special appearances. But most of all thank you to the delegates, our brothers and sisters in the fight for dignity and fairness in the workplace.

Congratulations to President Bloomingdale on winning her 2nd term in office.

A dear thank you to retiring Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Delie, USW, thank you for 50 years of dedication to the union cause.

And a big welcome to newly elected Secretary-Treasurer Marcos Alfaro, USW.

Here’s to all Wisconsin workers. We stand in solidarity together. We will never give up the fight. When we Organize and Mobilize we Win!

President Stephanie Bloomingdale after her re-election speech.
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